Dutch Costume Museum

The Dutch Costume Museum is a unique attraction in the center of Amsterdam which features an impressive collection of garments from different places and periods in Dutch history. Discover how fashion culture developed in the Netherlands and how Dutch people dressed in the past. The Dutch Costume Museum is housed in a beautiful 17th-century canal house on the Herengracht, historically the most prestigious canal in the city. The Dutch Costume Museum is fun for all ages and a must-see for anybody interested in Holland’s cultural history. Get your tickets right now and don’t miss it during your time in Amsterdam!

Discover a world of traditional Dutch clothing!

The Dutch Costume Museum provides a window into a past rich with cultural heritage. From traditional Dutch clothing and clogs used by farmers to expensive garments reserved only for special occasions such as marriages and festivities, the Dutch Costume Museum is sure to amaze you with its superb collection of costumes. The exhibition is divided into seven rooms, each dedicated to a specific region of the Netherlands. You will be able to see traditional Dutch clothing from Volendam, Zeeland, Marken, Spakenburg, Staphorst, Urk and Hindeloopen. The Dutch Costume Museum also houses a fantastic museum shop filled with unique handcrafted items, traditional clothes, jewelry and many other things which are the perfect souvenir or gift for those back home. You can also get your picture taken in traditional Dutch clothing (for a separate fee) as a fun way to remember your visit. An audio tour is available in English and in Dutch. The museum is located in one of the city’s most beautiful and iconic neighborhoods. It is easy to reach by public transport or by foot (just a 20-minute walk away from Amsterdam Central Station).

Furthermore Dutch Costume Museum is near the following sights: Museum of the Canals (±125 m), Biblical Museum (±125 m), Cromhouthuis (±175 m), Torture Museum (±200 m) & Blue°Amsterdam (±225 m).

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