Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum offers an expansive collection of exhibitions and items that retell the compelling story of the Dutch capital, from its earliest developments, through the surge of growth in the Golden Age and up to the present.

The city through the centuries
Housed in a former orphanage just a few minutes from Dam Square, the museum’s rich collection of art, household objects and archaeological discoveries gives a detailed impression of the fortunes of Amsterdammers today and in days gone by.

Unique experiences
Of course, the Amsterdam Museum is also big on experience as a means of learning, and it firmly believes that both big and little experiences matter – be it royals and dignitaries or local folk singers. The result is that it doesn’t simply aim to tell the history of a place, but to represent the spirit and feelings of its people too, utilising interactive displays and multimedia exhibits that bring stories to life.

Furthermore Amsterdam Museum is near the following sights: Civic Guards Gallery (±10 m), Dungeon Amsterdam (±50 m), Rederij P. Kooij (±175 m), Allard Pierson Museum (±200 m) & Yab Yum Unlocked (±200 m).

For information:

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