Jewish Museum

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Discover the rich Jewish history, art, and science at the Jewish Museum, located in the heart of Amsterdam. This museum offers an in-depth look at the Jewish community through the ages, with an impressive collection of 11,000 objects.

What can you expect at the Jewish Museum?

An Enriching Experience at the Jewish Museum

Whether you're interested in religion, history, art, or science, the Jewish Museum provides a fascinating glimpse into Jewish contributions to world culture.

Discover the deep-rooted history and rich culture of the Jewish community at the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam!

Furthermore Jewish Museum is near the following sights: Portuguese Synagogue (±60 m), H’ART Museum (±175 m), Amsterdam Museum (±200 m), Gassan Diamonds (±225 m) & Normaal Amsterdams Peil Visitor Centre (±225 m).

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Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1, Amsterdam
tel. +31 205 310 310 
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