Parks and gardens


Be surrounded by the relaxing sounds of trees, ponds and flowers and leave the noise of the city far behind: experience Amsterdamgreen side. Amsterdam is home to over 30 beautiful parks, including the Vondelpark which sees over 9 million visitors each year.

Picnicking in the park


Ita gorgeous, sunny day and the terraces are crowded. Doṉt despair; you can still buy a refreshing bottle of ros’ wine and drink it in the park. Settle down in the Rembrandtpark to bask in the warm sun and enjoy a nice view of the beautiful fountain in the Sarphatipark.

Art in the park


Drink in Amsterdamrich art and culture while out in the sun and surrounded by green. Each year, Amsterdam hosts a number of cultural events, including the travelling carnival fair The Parade in the Martin Luther King park, the Amsterdam Roots Festival in the Oosterpark, the Glazen Huis, the Orangerie galleries in the Amstelpark, the Kwakuk Festival in the Bijlmerpark, open air exhibitions in the Vondelpark and the Forests of Amsterdam as well as various cultural activities in the Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek.



This is an urban park with a number of flower gardens, a playground, a pony ride for children and a maze. There is a gallery with two spaces where exhibitions are held: The Glazen Huis and the Orangerie. A special train will drive you through the park in the months April through October.

Forest of Amsterdam


The Forest of Amsterdam is situated just outside the city. It is a spacious recreational area. Aside from luscious forests and grassy plains there is an open air theater, a museum, a botanical garden and a goat farm (with different kinds of animals). You can take wonderful tours along many hiking trails and bike routes. The trails are fitted with signposts. Canoes, bikes and pedalos can be booked on the website.


The Flevopark is located in East Amsterdam. The park was designed as a recreational reserve and sits close to a 150-year old Jewish Cemetery. You’ll also find a public pool, tennis courts and a number of open fields.


This recreational reserve with a lake and a center for aquatics is found in South-East Amsterdam. The center offers canoeing, swimming, rowing and sailing activities as well as a surf school. Explore the park (5 km circumference of the lake) by foot, bike or horse. Towards the edge of the park you’ll find a camp site.


The Oosterpark is an urban park in the eastern part of Amsterdam. There is a lot of nature, a large pond, a paddling pool and several biking and hiking trails. The park is known as Amsterdammost multicultural park. The open air festival, Amsterdam Roots Festival, held each June, is very popular. There is also a ’speaking stone’ that visitors can climb to share their opinions with the public. This takes place every Sunday at 13:00.


You’ll find Sarphatipark close to the vibrant Albert Cuyp market. It is a luscious, green park with a large pond. You’ll also find a fountain and a monument to admire, and there is a playground. It is the perfect park to bask in the sun, enjoy a picnic and watch passers-by.


The Westerpark is located in West Amsterdam and makes for a great place to walk, rollerblade or just relax and watch passers-by. The park was recently renovated and is part of the Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek. It hosts cultural events year-round.


The Vondelpark is part of the national heritage and it is the perfect park for hedonistic art enthusiasts. It is home to: Het Blauwe Theehuis, Rent-a-Skate, Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark, Groot Melkhuis bar & restaurant, Open Air Theater and Center de Roos (rose gardens with over 70 different species).