Red Light District

Red Light district Amsterdam

The Red Light District is without a doubt Amsterdam's most popular free outdoor attraction. It's an area where many brothels, window prostitution, sex clubs and coffee shops can be found. It is probably the most famous whore district in the Western world.

Red Light district Amsterdam

It's called the Red Light District (whores quarter) because of the red glow that's predominant at night. The typical red neon lights of all brothels and sex clubs reflected attractively on the canal water of Amsterdam.

Red Light district Amsterdam

Oldest part of Amsterdam

The Red Light District is really worth a visit during your city trip through Amsterdam. What many people overlook is that the Red Light District is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Amsterdam. Despite its shady reputation, you will find historical long winding cobbled streets with quintessential 14th century architecture, such as the Gothic Oude Kerk (Old Church) for instance. During a stroll along the idyllic canals you can relax in the warm atmosphere which hangs over the area every night.

Furthermore, you can go to the countless classic restaurants and cozy cafes. There's gorgeous rows of trees along the canals, beautiful old buildings and nicely renovated facade fronts. Also the arrival of trendy shops have gradually transformed this area into a very beautiful district of Amsterdam. In a nutshell, a visit to Amsterdam is not complete unless you've made a stroll along the famous Red Light District.

Alcohol, drugs and sex

Without a doubt, the Red Light District is where women of all nationalities parading seductively and sensually behind their windows. Alcohol, drugs and sex: that's pretty much what it's all about in the red light district.

Another common sight in The Red Light District is the groups of young or old men, lovers who are holding each others hand, giggling women who are having a bachelor party, and (not to be left out) the full tour buses with large groups of Asian people. All of this must surely be enough reason that you shouldn't miss a visit to the Red Light District.

Live shows

For those who want something extra, there's plenty of live sex shows to enjoy. Whether you want to go Windows shopping Amsterdam style, or actually want to buy something. No doubt there will be a location or window that will accommodate your needs Below you will find the most famous live sex show of Amsterdam:

Casa Rosso

The biggest erotic live show in the Netherlands. London thinks about it. Rome dreams about it. Paris talks about it. But ...

Moulin Rouge

In a historic canal house, a famous Sex Theater of the Red Light District of Amsterdam is ...

Bananen Bar

Laat u verleiden door de sensuele performers die op een speelse manier zich aan u blootgeven en maak kennis met pikant ...
Red Light district Amsterdam

Eccentric shops and cafes

The Red Light District also has a number of eccentric shops and cafes. You do not have to look far for this sex culture, because the picturesque Zeedijk, Waterloo Square and Nieuwmarkt, are all close together. There is a wide range of videos, magazines, sex aids and toys available. Also, many gay bars and sex cinemas have settled in this area. These are mainly found in the Warmoesstraat.


Red Light district Amsterdam

To ensure that you can enjoy the Red Light District to its fullest and your visit won't be a negative experience, we recommend the following:

Red Light district Amsterdam


Amsterdam has three red light districts. The largest and best known of the three is the area to the east of Damrak: surrounded by the Warmoesstraat, the Zeedijk, the Nieuwmarkt and the adjacent Chinatown area. This prostitution area is approximately a 1,000 by 800 feet. The important streets here are the Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

The other two districts near the Singel (between Raadhuisstraat and Central Station) and the Pijp (behind the Rijksmuseum).

Map of Red Light District

De Wallen Amsterdam

Facts and figures

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Red Light district Amsterdam


Prostitution is permitted and characteristic for the Netherlands. Amsterdam shines with pride its always so free and tolerant nature, and acknowledges the fact that humans long for sex, drugs and rock & roll. Instead of banning it, this very modern city has regulated it. This ensures that everything in this city one hundred percent real. Enjoy the honesty that exists in Amsterdam, because you won't find it anywhere else.

De Wallen Amsterdam

Prostitution in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam it mainly takes place in the red light districts, where tolerance has been a longstanding high priority. Prostitutes may legally exercise their profession from behind the windows since October 2000. Since then, prostitutes also pay tax in the Netherlands. The government also ensures that all prostitutes have access to health care and work in satisfactory conditions. In addition, women are assisted by the Prostitution Information Center.

For more information

There are several tourist agencies and independent tour guides who offer tours through the Red Light District. For more information you can contact the P.I.C. Prostitution Information Center). The P.I.C. is located in the heart of the Red Light District in Enge Kerksteeg 3 and was founded by a former prostitute. You can always walk in the P.I.C. (no need to make an appointment); The friendly staff at the center are always ready to help you and are very knowledgeable about the Red Light District.