Gassan Diamonds - Guided tour

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Experience the enchantment of diamonds at Gassan Diamonds, one of the most prestigious diamond polishing factories in the heart of Amsterdam. This historic location offers a unique insight into the world of diamond cutting and trading.

What to Expect at Gassan Diamonds?

A Brilliant Experience

Experience the excitement of over 425 years of craftsmanship and tradition. Visit Gassan Diamonds and immerse yourself in the world of luxury, beauty, and craftsmanship.

Furthermore Gassan Diamonds is near the following sights: Rembrandt House (±175 m), Portuguese Synagogue (±225 m), Jewish Museum (±225 m), Normaal Amsterdams Peil Visitor Centre (±300 m) & H’ART Museum (±400 m).

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Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175, Amsterdam
tel. +31 206 225 3 
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