Tropical Museum

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The Tropenmuseum is one of the Netherlands’ largest museums for anthropology and ethnography, located in the east of Amsterdam. It is renowned for its beautiful architecture and its spectacular collection of works of art, music, film and photography from all over the world. The Tropenmuseum is also famous for its fascinating temporary exhibitions covering a variety of historic and modern topics. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit this iconic museum and make your reservations right now!

Discover the fascinating Tropenmuseum Amsterdam!

The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam is located in the east part of the city, overlooking the Oosterpark, and near the Artis Royal Zoo and the famous open-air market ‘Dappermarkt’. The Tropenmuseum was originally located in the city of Haarlem but was moved to its present location in 1926. The Tropenmuseum’s iconic building is listed as one of the city’s important historical buildings. The Tropenmuseum features exhibitions which are world-renowned for their quality and scope. Recent ones have covered topics as diverse as the origin of R&B and Hip-hop, current and past trends in body art, and a behind-the-scenes look at National Geographic’s iconic photographs.

Furthermore Tropical Museum is near the following sights: Micropia (±850 m), Artis Royal Zoo (±850 m), Resistance Museum – WWII (±850 m), Trade Unions Museum (±1,0 km) & Maritime Museum (±1,1 km).

For information:

Linnaeusstraat 2, Amsterdam
tel. +31 205 688 20 
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