National Holocaust Museum

National Holocaust Museum - 1

Visit the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam for an in-depth look at one of the darkest periods in human history.

What can you expect at the National Holocaust Museum?

An Important Cultural and Educational Destination

The National Holocaust Museum plays a crucial role in educating about and commemorating the Holocaust, aiming to inform future generations and warn about the dangers of hate and intolerance.

Practical Information

A visit to the National Holocaust Museum is a moving experience that not only highlights the horrors of the past but also offers a lasting message of hope and humanity.

Furthermore National Holocaust Museum is near the following sights: Artis Royal Zoo (±90 m), Micropia (±100 m), Resistance Museum – WWII (±125 m), Hortus Botanicus (±200 m) & Portuguese Synagogue (±450 m).

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Nationaal Holocaustmuseum
Plantage Middenlaan 27, Amsterdam
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