EYE Film Museum

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Experience the magic of cinema at the futuristic EYE Filmmuseum, located on the northern bank of the IJ in Amsterdam. This iconic building is not only an architectural wonder but also a treasure trove for film enthusiasts.

What to Expect at EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam?

Experience the Enchantment of Film

Whether you're a film lover, interested in film technology, or simply looking for a unique experience, EYE Filmmuseum is a must-visit.

Furthermore EYE Film Museum is near the following sights: This is Holland (±125 m), Ferry across the IJ (±400 m), Lovers Cruise (±650 m), Tram line 2 (±650 m) & Stromma Cruise (±700 m).

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IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam
tel. +31 205 891 400 
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