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The world famous and former brothel Yab Yum opens its doors to a wider audience. The wellknown 17th-century building with the green lantern on the ‘Singel’ in Amsterdam has been transformed into a fascinating concept: Yab Yum Unlocked.

Exhibition YAB YUM Unlocked
Recently, the genuine YAB YUM feeling is brought back to life. Yab Yum Unlocked is a wonderful exhibition and a ‘Real Life Club Experience’ at the same time. Yab Yum Unlocked takes you back to the years during which YAB YUM was famous all over the world. How did it all came about, who visited and why was the club so popular? You’ll visit the luxurious bar and famous ‘caviar room’, you’ll see how founder Theo Heuft ever got the idea and how the club became one of the biggest status symbols for straight arrows and hoodlumsâ?¨alike. It also takes you behind the scenes of this well-organized company, a booming enterprise with an annual turnover of millions.

Furthermore Yab Yum Unlocked is near the following sights: Civic Guards Gallery (±200 m), Begijnhof (±200 m), Dungeon Amsterdam (±250 m), Royal Palace on Dam Square (±350 m) & Rederij P. Kooij (±350 m).

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Singel 295, Amsterdam
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