Dungeon Amsterdam - Attraction

Dungeon Amsterdam - 1 Dungeon Amsterdam (April 2014) - #2

We hope you don’t fear a frightening horrifying show where the zombies may chase you through the Amsterdam Dungeon! Join a guided tour through a dark and creepy Amsterdam.

Horrifying experience

You will witness the history from the torture techniques in the Spanish Inquisition to the streets filled with rats during the Pest!

The building in which the Dungeon is located, used to be a church. When you enter the building, you will feel how many breath-taking stories this building has to tell you. The historical images, massive columns and the big organ create a spooky atmosphere.The Amsterdam Dungeon knows 11 shows with 7 actors in a horrifying experience.Your ticket includes a visit to the 17th century VOC ship and a terrifying tour back in time. Experience “The Reaper Drop Ride” in Which Grim Reaper takes you on your last trip to the abyss of despair!

Furthermore Dungeon Amsterdam is near the following sights: Civic Guards Gallery (±50 m), Rederij P. Kooij (±125 m), Allard Pierson Museum (±150 m), Begijnhof (±200 m) & Yab Yum Unlocked (±250 m).

For information:

Rokin 78, Amsterdam
tel. +31 205 308 500 
web. More information