Erotic Museum

Erotic Museum - 1 Erotic Museum (January 2012) - #2

An old warehouse in the middle of Red Light District, with red neon above the entry, which says - Erotic Museum. Much higher on the façade of the 17th century canal house, you may notice an old stone plate with a proud sentence: - God is mijn Burgh (God is my Castle), a typical Amsterdam contrast - you might say.

Inside, a shop with erotica souvenirs and on the three floors up - an exhibit, more about the Red Light District itself, than about eroticism. A room of a prostitute with the wax figure of the working girl inside. Furthermore a model of the cashier of the famous Casa Rosso Live Show Theater. Also a collection of the old erotic photographs, an interesting series of John Lennon’s lithographs and a compact collection of erotic art. In a separate room with walls painted like in a kindergarten, a projection of the animated “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” but in a version, which could never be shown in any of the Disney attraction parks, next to a vending machine selling the most unusual condoms you may imagine.

Furthermore Erotic Museum is near the following sights: Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) (±50 m), Royal Palace on the Dam (±90 m), Madame Tussauds (±175 m), Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (±250 m) & Body Worlds (±300 m).

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