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This modern museum is located in an especially adapted for this purpose 19c. large villa, at the Paulus Potterstraat, just in a middle of a short walking distance between Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Diamond Museum (Diamant Museum) has been created by Coster Diamonds, a large Amsterdam based diamond polishing and trading diamond firm which exists now for almost two centuries (since 1840) and which occupies also two other adjoining houses and organizes visiting tour of its factory.

The exhibit
Diamond Museum exhibit enlightens the visitor how the diamonds were geologically created, shows the history of human passion to diamonds, and explains how diamond became not only a symbol of wealth, but started to be associated with beauty and power.

Your visit at the museum starts with a short film giving you the basics of the diamond knowledge. Two large buttons of the wall give you the opportunity to choose an English of Dutch version of the film. For several other languages the museum provides a printed translation.

While filled with well made replicas of famous jewels, Diamond Museum lets you perceive all its subjects through modern multimedia means: the history of human knowledge about diamonds, all the worlds most important stones, a complete collection of historical crowns decorated with diamonds, history of diamond industry in Amsterdam, a unique influence diamonds had on fashion, glamour, entertainment industry and subsequently on our lives.

Amsterdam, an important diamond centre
History of Amsterdam as one of the most important centers of diamond production and trade dates back to 17th century. While Jews were chased from the catholic countries in the South of Europe, they were allowed to settle in Amsterdam and with the growth of Protestantism they were given opportunities to prosper. And while centuries ago Jews were not admitted to the guilds uniting craftsmen of one profession, diamond polishing has been one of the few professions left open to them.

Later on, the discovery of diamonds in South Africa colonized in the 19th c. by the Dutch had also a big influence on growing importance of Amsterdam as the diamond centre.

Today, whereas the polishing of diamonds has been largely transferred to Asia, Amsterdam remains along with Antwerp, London, New York and Johannesburg one of the most important cities for diamond trade.

Furthermore Diamant Museum is near the following sights: Moco Museum (±70 m), House of Bols (±70 m), Coster Diamonds (±80 m), Van Gogh Museum (±125 m) & Stedelijk Museum (±150 m).

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