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Experience one of the most iconic nightclubs in the Netherlands, Club Escape, located at the vibrant Rembrandtplein in the heart of Amsterdam. Since 1986, Club Escape has been known for its spectacular parties, entertaining the crowd with both local and international DJs until the early hours.

What can you expect at Club Escape?

The Legendary Club Escape

Club Escape is not just a nightclub; it's an institution in Amsterdam's nightlife that has been around for almost 40 years. With a rich history of legendary parties and famous DJs, it's a must-visit destination for anyone wanting to experience the real Amsterdam club scene.

Practical Information

Whether you're an avid club-goer or just looking for an unforgettable night in Amsterdam, Club Escape offers an experience not to be missed. Buy your ticket now and prepare to dance the night away in one of the most popular clubs in the Netherlands!

Experience the ultimate club night at Club Escape on Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam!

Furthermore Escape is near the following catering: Club Claire (±30 m), AIR (±200 m), ABE club & lounge (±225 m), Paradiso (±950 m) & Jimmy Woo (±950 m).

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Rembrandtplein 11, Amsterdam
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