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The Rijksmuseum Gardens, a 'green outdoor hall' of over 14,500 m², are an oasis of calm and beauty. These beautiful gardens, surrounding the famous Rijksmuseum, offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What to Expect in the Rijksmuseum Gardens?

Experience the Tranquility and Beauty of the Rijksmuseum Gardens

Whether you're looking for a quiet spot for a picnic, interested in garden design, or simply want to enjoy the outdoors, the Rijksmuseum Gardens are the perfect destination.

Furthermore Rijksmuseum Gardens is near the following sights: Rijksmuseum (±100 m), Diamond Museum (±250 m), Moco Museum (±250 m), House of Bols: Cocktail & Genever Experience (±300 m) & Stedelijk Museum (±300 m).

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