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Got music on the mind? Even so, you won't even need a concert ticket to take this fascinating tour behind the scenes of Amsterdam's Concertgebouw. See the attic, the changing rooms, and the amazing maze of passageways beneath the main hall of this beautiful 19th-century building. Learn its rich history and go where regular concert attendees never get to go!

The Concertgebouw was built in 1888 and both inside and out, it's an incredible building to behold. During this tour with a professional tour guide, you'll get to explore it properly and find out what it's like to be a performer here. Music lovers will be in heaven!

Check out the changing rooms, where many international and local musicians have prepared themselves for concerts. Head up to the attic, and as you soak up the anecdotes, historical highlights and stories, get nosy in the passageways below.

Hardly anyone gets to see these parts of the Concertgebouw - you'll be an expert on the place by the time you leave.

Furthermore Concertgebouw is near the following sights: Stedelijk Museum (±350 m), Van Gogh Museum (±350 m), Moco Museum (±400 m), House of Bols (±400 m) & Diamond Museum (±450 m).

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