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The world-famous Heineken brewery, opened in 1867, has today been transformed into the Heineken Experience - a must-see attraction in the heart of Amsterdam. This immersive, semi-guided attraction in the old Heineken brewery is a mecca for beer enthusiasts and an iconic Amsterdam experience.

What Can You Expect?

A Must-See for Beer Enthusiasts

The Heineken Experience is an unforgettable attraction for anyone interested in the art of brewing, the history of one of the world's most iconic beer brands, and the unique experience of interactive exhibitions.

Practical Information:

The Heineken Experience is an immersive and educational experience that takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of Heineken. From historic brewing techniques to modern marketing, this experience will not only make you understand the international language of beer but also speak it.

Cheers to an unforgettable adventure at the Heineken Experience, Amsterdam!

Furthermore Heineken Experience is near the following sights: Blue Boat Company (±20 m), Albert Cuyp Market (±350 m), Rijksmuseum Gardens (±400 m), Rijksmuseum (±450 m) & Diamond Museum (±650 m).

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