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The VOC Ship offers a unique opportunity to experience an important piece of Dutch history up close. This meticulously recreated replica of the 'Amsterdam', an 18th-century East Indiaman, is a vivid reminder of the time when the Netherlands was a major naval power.

What Can You Expect?

A Must-See for History and Maritime Enthusiasts

The VOC Ship at the Maritime Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in maritime history and the Golden Age of the Netherlands. It offers a unique perspective on life and adventures at sea during one of the most significant periods in Dutch history.

Practical Information:

Visit the VOC Ship and step back in time to the era of the Dutch Golden Age. Experience history up close and gain a unique understanding of life at sea during the heyday of the VOC.

Discover the maritime past of the Netherlands aboard the legendary VOC Ship in Amsterdam!

Furthermore VOC Ship Amsterdam is near the following sights: Maritime Museum (±90 m), NEMO Science Museum (±250 m), Library Amsterdam (±550 m), Resistance Museum – WWII (±550 m) & Micropia (±600 m).

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Oosterdok 117, Amsterdam
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