Ice Skating in Amsterdam 2024


A winter holiday in Amsterdam isn't complete without ice skating. There are numerous options, and here are some of the best skating spots in the city.

Below, you'll find the top places to skate during your Amsterdam winter holiday.

Skating on the Canals

It's a fairytale-like experience to skate on the Amsterdam canals, although it's not possible every year. For reliable ice, temperatures must remain significantly below freezing for at least four consecutive days. If conditions are favourable, shipping is halted on some canals. Let's hope it happens this year.

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Ice Fun at Rembrandt Square

The well-known Rembrandt Square hosts an annual winter ice rink, atmospherically lit and adorned with artificial snow and decorative lighting. Food and drink are readily available thanks to nearby eating and drinking establishments. Freshly baked doughnuts and other winter treats complete the experience.

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The Amsterdam Winter Paradise

The Winter Wonderland at the RAI is more than just an ice rink; it's a winter theme park for all ages. You can skate, but also enjoy snow slides, après-ski, a Ferris wheel, a cinema, and much more. A special winter experience is guaranteed.