Klassiek op het Amstelveld 2024


Classical on the [i]Amstel Square[/i] has emerged as a leading festival where young talent and established global stars come together. Every year, this event draws lovers of classical music from both the Netherlands and abroad, and the best part: admission is free.

Historic Setting

The event is held on the picturesque Amstel Square, a rare oasis of tranquillity amidst the bustling Amsterdam. Flanked by historic 18th-century buildings and majestic wingnut trees, this square not only provides an enchanting ambiance but also stunning acoustics. This unique blend of music and history ensures an unforgettable experience.

Special Venues

In collaboration with Stadsherstel Amsterdam, the festival also extends to two adjacent church venues. This offers visitors the opportunity not only to enjoy exquisite music but also to acquaint themselves with some of the city's most iconic landmarks. Classical on the [i]Amstel Square[/i] is thus not just a musical celebration, but also a tribute to the rich culture and history of Amsterdam.