From Eindhoven to Amsterdam

If you fly to Holland by airplane Wizz Air, Ryanair or Transavia, then you probably are worried about the question of how to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. Everything is really simple, albeit not very fast. You can get to the capital of Holland by bus, by train or, if desired, by taxi.

From Eindhoven to Amsterdam by train

First of all, you need to get from the airport to the Eindhoven railway station. To do this at the airport of Eindhoven you need to sit on bus number 400 or 401 . You can see the timetable here (if you transfer it to the main page of the site 9292.nl, you need to navigate van Airport, Eindhoven - naar Station Eindhoven).

In 19 minutes it takes you to Eindhoven train station. The ticket price is 3.70 euros one way.

At the Eindhoven train station you need to buy train tickets to Amsterdam . They are sold both in vending machines and at the box office. You can see the schedule here . Buy train tickets online - here . Detailed instruction on the trains of Holland here >>

The train journey from Eindhoven to Amsterdam takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ticket price is 19.80 euros (18,80 euros for the fare + 1 euro for a one-time OV-chipkaart ). You can also buy a train ticket to Eindhoven - Amsterdam online . Its cost is 19,60 euros. An online ticket is not bound to a particular train, it can be left at any time during the day.

The platform from which you need the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, you can specify on the site, and in the timetable at the station itself.

From Eindhoven to Amsterdam by bus

Get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam by the Air Express Bus. The cost of one way ticket is 24 euros, in both - 40 euros. The bus will take you directly from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam Centraal Station (that is, to the very center of Amsterdam). The journey takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

From Eindhoven to Amsterdam by taxi

A taxi ride from the airport to the center of Eindhoven will cost you around 25 euros. To Amsterdam - in the amount of 140 euros. You can book a taxi online >>

Hotels near Eindhoven Airport

Do you have an early flight? Book your hotel in Eindhoven - and you do not have to think about how to travel from Amsterdam to Eindhoven Airport at night.

The nearest hotels to the airport: