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Hermitage Amsterdam - 1 Hermitage Amsterdam (January 2012) - #2

The Hermitage building is open and houses other museum collections; the Amsterdam Museum and Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art. There is also space for smaller exhibitions such as the annual winner of the ABN AMRO Art Prize. We take pride in doing business in a sustainable manner, sharing facilities and working together and – supported by the business community and private individuals – financing our activities with our own resources. We see talent development as an essential task. With the Hermitage for Children we continuously offer art education through which every child can discover their artistic talent.

Außerdem ist Hermitage Amsterdam in der Nähe der folgenden Sehenswürdigkeiten: Amsterdam Museum (±60 m), Xtracold Icebar (±150 m), Jüdisches Museum (±175 m), Our House Amsterdam (±175 m) & Jüdisches Museum junior (±175 m).

Fur Information:

Nieuwe Herengracht 14, Amsterdam
tel. +31 205 308 755 
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