Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments - Sight

Museum of Medieval Torture InstrumentsMuseum of Medieval Torture Instruments

First you enter a dark corridor in a theater like décor, and then several small and equally dark rooms follow. The Torture Museum endeavors to document the history of the human cruelty – Scaring the hell out of you… is their publicity tagline. Do not worry; you will not see any of the modern wars here. The exhibition presents mainly old prints enlargements, shown on light boxes. The quality of these images as well as the appearance of the whole presentation is quite imperfect. Luckily - because it softens its impact on a visitor.

All the museum information has been typed on small yellow sheets paper in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The museum’s small spaces are been badly lit, probably to hide the walls, made from poorly painted multiplex. The result is that the real asset of the museum – several mediaeval torture instruments and one rusty guillotine are hardly visible and remain hidden in the darkness.

Furthermore Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments is near the following sights: Torture Museum (±40 metre), Flower Market (±60 metre), Cat Cabinet (±175 metre), Begijnhof (±250 metre) & Allard Pierson Museum (±300 metre).

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