Condom shop Het Gulden Vlies - Sight

Condom shop Het Gulden Vlies

This shop is the holy grail of condoms. They come in all colors, shapes, flavors and sizes. Some of the rubbers have even been hand-painted and are meant for decoration only. You’ll also find a surprising amount of information and books about our rubber friend. Thereeven a small condom museum!

Furthermore Condom shop Het Gulden Vlies is near the following sights: Red Light Secrets, Museum of Prostitution (±200 metre), Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum (±225 metre), Madame Tussauds (±225 metre), Red Light District Walking Tour (±225 metre) & Touristbus Amsterdam (±250 metre).

For information:
Condomerie, Warmoesstraat
Warmoesstraat 141, Amsterdam
tel. +31 206 274 174
web. Website



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