Cheese Tasting at Henri Willig - Sight

Taste and enjoy five traditional Dutch kinds of cheese. A cute and quirky way to get to know The Netherlands and its delights!

The tasting will be accompanied by a hostess in traditional Dutch costume, who will tell the story behind each cheese. The event takes place in an old attic of an authentic Dutch cheese shop

Two drinks, picked to complement the cheese flavors, are included in the tasting. You'll have a choice of local beer, wine or soda

The Dutch countryside is full of fertile green pastures and happy cows. Henri Willig takes advantage of this to produce some of the country’s best cheeses. Fans come from far and near to taste their dairy delights, and they now offer a dedicated tasting in the heart of Amsterdam. What are you waiting for? There’s a delicious, colorful baby cheese waiting for you and your teeth!

Furthermore Cheese Tasting at Henri Willig is near the following sights: Museum of Bags and Purses (±225 m), Flower Market (±225 m), Cat Cabinet (±225 m), Blue°Amsterdam (±250 m) & Amsterdam City Archives (±250 m).

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